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Shin & Reiki

Shin empowers those who want to make a difference in their lives and learn how to practice daily self-care.

She was an Analyst and Marketer in a top Fortune 500 company before realising with time that she was not happy. She was not experiencing and appreciating life in its full glory.

She then gave up her career to seek the 'true meaning of Life' and encountered the Reiki practice by chance along her journey, subsequently training to become a Reiki Master teacher and became known as Shin, an abbreviation of her first name. She set up the mother site, Origin of Song, in 2016 before this Reiki website was birthed about a year later.

Practising Reiki has played a big role in shifting her perspectives and regaining her balance in life. The health-promoting benefits of Reiki have also helped her with her past physical ailments including a chronic knee issue from her Track & Field days pre-college and more at ease and peace in her daily life in all aspects - physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

The practice of Reiki played a big role in Shin's initial exploration journey. Shin is a Reiki Master Teacher under the Reiki Centre lineage, and trained with Elaine Grundy for her certification. She has been in practice for over 10 years and teaching.


Shin is also the first and only certified Medical Reiki Master (Gold Standards & Practices RKMRI©) in Singapore who has trained and practised physically with late Medical Reiki pioneer, Raven Keyes, in New York USA, and also physically with pioneer Pamela Miles since 2018. Her stint in Manhattan, New York, inspired her to set up and facilitate the first professional public Reiki clinic for the community with volunteer peers in Singapore since 2019 (currently on hold due to the pandemic). 

​Shin opens the door for all to learn the Reiki practice in a safe environment and experience their own insightful journeys, opening us up to a world of possibilities. Her down-to-earth yet nurturing nature and expressive disposition make her workshops refreshing and a wonderful and welcoming support for people of all ages.

On the other hand, Shin has extensive experience spanning 20 years, working directly with and including the education of youths and youths-at-risk, with specific focus on language development, gradual mental development and modern mental illnesses inflicting our youths and/or loved ones today. Her cumulative experience in education (primary to tertiary) led her to author and independently distribute only her book of notes for the Science Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Her clinical Reiki experience in mostly the human nervous system, pain management and caregiving has also supported her work with the youths and with adult Reiki clients across a range of imbalances, illnesses and deaths. She has also given talks at organisations to speak about self-care and mental health, including to nurses at the Institute of Mental Health, Woodbridge Hospital in Singapore.

Besides Reiki, Shin conducts the Practicals of Meditation workshops (currently paused since 2022) and shares practical teachings, free of religious beliefs. Information is on the mother site, Origin of Song. As of January 2021, Shin no longer conducts Past Lives & Psychic Readings.

The chanting of Amitabha's name and Sutras is the foundation of Shin's daily practice for years. She is a dedicated practitioner of Dharma and Pureland Buddhism, after decades of exploration in the esoteric. Shin is also a freelance artist and practises Ashtanga yoga regularly. More about Shin  can be found on the mother site; this website is dedicated to only Reiki.

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