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reiki level 3 - master practitioner

"Practice takes time, mastery takes longer."


It is always advised and encouraged to allow for sufficient time to develop as a practitioner after First and Second Degrees before embarking on Reiki master's training. A Reiki master (practitioner) needs considerable experience in many areas — self practice, practice on others etc. as a foundation for guiding others to develop their own practice even if they may not yet professionally teach Reiki.


The master's training is split into the 'Third degree/Reiki master practitioner' and the 'Teacher's training' courses to not only give each segment the time it needs, but also to respect your development that unfolds on profound levels.

Many people are confused with the term Reiki, as the explanation and interpretation can vary among practitioners, even as they progress along their Reiki journeys. We understand it from two perspectives here with Shin - Reiki as an energy and Reiki as a system. Reiki as an energy hails from deep ancient roots, but Reiki as a system is relatively modern, spanning about a 100 years of teachings in its lineage. You will learn, relearn and further deepen your knowledge and experience of both Reiki as an energy and as a system in the workshops. In Reiki Third Degree/Master Practitioner course, you will further deepen your personal understanding of what Reiki means to you and gradually, to others.

The traditional in-depth approach is offered here as passed down from the traditional Reiki system and only train Reiki masters and teachers on an apprenticeship-based training based on committed regular self-practice for life. 

What is Reiki Third Degree? 

Third Degree or Level 3 is often described as the most shifting and transformative workshop you can take. In this workshop, you receive training to become a Reiki master practitioner on your personal level and further deepen your understanding of yourself and your Reiki practice. The integration of certain key spiritual principles and Reiki as a spiritual path is further explored here.

This workshop is taken at least 6 months of regular self-practice after Reiki Second Degree. It is designed specifically for those who may not want to teach Reiki (teacher's training is a separate course which is offered in an apprenticeship format) but are strongly interested to take Reiki to its final level, i.e. learning how to do an initiation, and to receive the final (Master’s) symbol.

The Master’s symbol is also known as the symbol for transformation and is a very powerful tool for personal growth.  Most people experience huge shifts of consciousness after the class.  It allows you to truly step into the mysteries of Reiki, and although it may not necessarily explain the initiation to you, it will certainly give you an incredible experience of it.  Essentially it is about letting go, trusting, and most importantly, self-belief.

As well as preparing you for the rest of the master practitioner training, this module works on raising your vibrations, understanding your personal power through developing your intuition, as well as becoming familiar with the initiation process and how to best utilise the Master’s symbol.  This is an ideal workshop for those wishing to advance their Reiki learning but who are not planning to teach Reiki at this point in time.  


Upon completion, students will be given a Reiki Third Degree/Reiki Master (practitioner) certificate which signifies their ability to give a Heart initiation or also called an attunement.

Workshop Content:

  • Master’s symbol and uses

  • Heart and minor chakras initiation/attunement

  • Using the Master’s symbol in sending and healing

  • Professional Healing and moving into Master energy



  1. You must have done Reiki Second Degree training with me (Takata/Hayashi/Usui lineage practitioners not trained by me are encouraged to sit in my First and Second Degree workshops. Please visit this page for more information).

  2. You must have completed Second Degree at least six months previously.

  3. You are strongly encouraged to have completed the given homework.


Please note Reiki Third Degree is about transformation – it can be extremely challenging for those who have not mastered the Reiki Second Degree techniques.  The homework is specifically designed to help you get ready, please do not underestimate the shifts at this level.

Upcoming Reiki 3 Workshop Schedule:

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure your space for classes @ Tiny Home;

Full payment of class fees is required before the day of class for classes @ Beach Rd centre.

All R3 workshops are 15 hours in duration.

Class Fee: S$780 (held over 3 full days)

All R3 workshops are conducted only once a year. If you miss the upcoming, you will have to wait for next year's training.

*Please note that all classes are encouraged to have a minimum of 2 pax, to support practical work. 

**Private or classes at customised timings may be requested and arranged according to availability and looked at on a case-by-case basis.

***ALL past students who have had attended Shin's Reiki 3 class may sit in to refresh their memory (for consideration if you have not practised for at least 1.5 years) at an energy exchange of $130.

Please kindly note that all registrations must be done via the Google application form link that will be made available here when the class is open and subject to acceptance into the class. Thank you.


Jun 2023 (Small Class, max. 4 students) 


Thursday 29th Jun 9-2pm (5hours, no lunch hour but with small breaks interspersed)

Friday 30th Jun 9-1pm (4hours)

Sunday 2nd July 9-12pm and 1-4pm (lunch break 1hour) (6hours)

Attendance of all 3 days are compulsory to fulfil the minimum 15 hours.

Registration for the June workshop:

Venue: Tiny Home @ Jurong West St. 52

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