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Reiki, Surgeries & Medical Care
(Introductory Workshop for Caregivers)

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is specifically for current Reiki practitioners (regardless of lineage, minimum of a Reiki Level 1/First Degree who MUST have received proper physical Reiki training) who require support, know-how or in addressing challenges faced in providing Reiki treatments to loved ones or patients receiving medical care at home, in hospitals etc. This workshop is especially suitable for caregivers. This workshop is NOT for administered Reiki usage in operating rooms - this workshop focuses on providing care and support to the patient.

What is this Workshop about?

We will be discussing real-life scenarios where you may provide ideal contact and non-contact Reiki treatments of varying lengths in different settings. Some experiential hands-on practice MAY be covered in the workshop as necessary. Please note that this is NOT a Reiki First or Second Degree class and the specifics of providing a contact or non-contact distance Reiki treatment will not be covered. No attunements are required or given in this workshop.

Brief pre and post-surgery Reiki care will be covered. Sections of Reiki in Medical practice will be covered, that are only relevant to caregiving roles. Reiki in surgery will not be covered, as that would be specific to a Medical Reiki training. For specific Reiki in Medical practice, Medical Reiki or Communication with Medical Staff/Doctors will be discussed in separate workshops.  

Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth workshop on medical conditions or in any form, medical-related. This is neither a workshop for medical professionals, nor does it train you to become a medical professional. This is a workshop by a caregiver, for caregivers.

Brief Workshop Content:

  • Optimising Reiki usage with patients in specific scenarios and/or health conditions

  • Patient profiles and discussions on challenges

  • Reiki and Pain

  • Reiki and Depression

  • Reiki and Emotional Stress

  • Reiki and Blood Circulation and Heart Rate Variability

  • Structuring a Reiki treatment according to the surgical sites, pre and post-surgery care requirements

  • Caregiving with Reiki tools and Sensitivity of the Practitioner

  • Etc.

Class Fees: S$120

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your space for classes @ Tiny Home.

 Upcoming PHYSICAL Classes:

 Dec 2022 (Small Class, min. 2 - max. 4-5 students)

Date: 4th Dec 2022, 3-hour workshop

Time: 9-12pm

Venue: Tiny Home @ Jurong West St. 52

Register for the workshop by emailing to

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