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Reiki, Palliative Care & Death
(Introductory Workshop for Caregivers)

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is specifically for current Reiki practitioners (regardless of lineage, minimum of a Reiki Level 1/First Degree who MUST have received proper physical Reiki training) who require support, know-how or in addressing challenges faced in providing Reiki treatments to loved ones or patients receiving palliative or end-of-life care at home, in hospices etc. This workshop is especially suitable for caregivers. This workshop focuses on providing care and support to the patient living with a serious or terminal illness.

What is this Workshop about?

We will be discussing real-life scenarios where you may provide ideal contact and non-contact Reiki treatments of varying lengths in different settings. Some experiential hands-on practice MAY be covered in the workshop as necessary. Please note that this is NOT a Reiki First or Second Degree class and the specifics of providing a contact or non-contact distance Reiki treatment will not be covered. No attunements are required or given in this workshop. 

Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth workshop on medical conditions or in any form, medical-related. This is neither a workshop for medical professionals, nor does it train you to become a medical professional. This is a workshop by a caregiver, for caregivers.

Brief Workshop Content:

  • Optimising Reiki usage with patients in specific scenarios and/or health conditions

  • Patient profiles and discussions on challenges

  • Reiki and Relieving Chronic or Intractable Pain

  • Reiki and Depression

  • Reiki and Emotional Stress

  • Reiki and Cancer

  • Reiki and Heart Failure / Heart Disease

  • Reiki and Alzheimer's

  • Reiki and Vegetative States / Coma

  • Structuring a Reiki treatment according to the illness symptoms and requirements of palliative care

  • Caregiving with Reiki tools and Sensitivity of the Practitioner

  • Etc. 

Class Fees: S$120

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your space for classes @ Tiny Home.

 Upcoming PHYSICAL Classes:

 Dec 2022 (Small Class, min. 2 - max. 4-5 students)

Date: 4th Dec 2022, 3-hour workshop

Time: 1-4pm

Venue: Tiny Home @ Jurong West St. 52

Register for the workshop by emailing to

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