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general balancing

See "What is Reiki?" ->

Note that all Reiki session bookings are strictly by appointment only.

Many situations in our lives can have us feeling out of balance, manifesting in physical, mental or emotional aspects such as headaches and anger outbursts. A reiki balancing session will kickstart your healing journey while regular sessions progressively promote wellness and encourage ease and peace into your life.

A Reiki treatment session is offered to a fully-clothed client on a treatment table using light touch via specific hand placements. Reiki is a health-promoting, non-invasive practice that eases discomfort and helps you to function better without pharmaceuticals. Reiki practice is safe, and cannot interfere with any medical care you are receiving. It gently encourages your system back to balance; deep healing from within is evoked when your nervous system is balanced. By moving towards balance, Reiki practice can help you in any situation or challenge, even when it isn't the only help or support you need. You may read more at 'What is Reiki?'.

A Reiki balancing session targets twelve general body positions (front and back) mainly on your head and torso. Depending on individuals, Shin will cover other specific areas requested or intuitively.

Commonly reported benefits (anecdotal) encompass anything from stress relief and a refresher to treatment for serious ailments, pain, or disease patterns.  However the balancing session is typically recommended as a booster, which serves to unblock energetically blocked areas of your body. For more serious medical conditions or injuries, please see sessions under the 'Sports' or 'Medical' tabs.

Treatments last one hour and after a treatment you can expect to feel very relaxed, calm and rejuvenated, though this varies from session to session depending on what is going on in your body at that time.  For those in pain or suffering from specific ailments whether physical, mental or emotional, a series of treatments is ideal to see visible results. We generally suggest a series of three sessions to kickstart your immune system, whether you self-Reiki or whether you are receiving from a practitioner.

My clients for balancing sessions typically consist of stressed out office employees, athletes with no particular injuries or illnesses, teachers, freelancers, accountants, lawyers, housemakers and even medical professionals or therapists with blocked energies in certain areas. 

A light note on Detox: 

For most people, a Reiki healing session results in feelings of calmness and peace and a general improvement in their symptoms.  In minority of cases, the body needs to detox in order for proper healing to take place, which may be observed through physical, mental or emotional areas.  This is especially true if the body has been neglected, or the issues have been ignored or suppressed for a long time. 'Detox' may have you feeling uncomfortable temporarily, such as headaches, stomach upsets, aches and pains, tingling in limbs, stiffness, heightened emotions or emotional releases which may simply last for a few minutes to a few short days for different individuals.  Detox symptoms are a natural process of the body healing for those going through deep pain and trauma.  These symptoms are a great sign (better out than in!) that the body is releasing toxins that could otherwise manifest into disease later on.

The process of 3 successive treatments is specifically designed to ensure any detox is supported through the Reiki treatments and that any shifts happen as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Booking a Session

1. Face-to-Face

(in Singapore only)

Duration: 60mins*

Fees: S$185/session


Package of 3 sessions payable upfront: S$530

Please arrive 5mins earlier to settle down. *Please expect about 1.5hr in total for your session, including pre and post-healing sharing and discussions.

2. Distance


Duration: 30mins

Fees: S$75/session

Package of 3 sessions payable upfront: S$210

Please be ready online 5-15mins earlier for pre and post-healing sharing.

3. Distance


Duration: 15mins*

Fees: S$45/session

Package of 4 sessions payable upfront: S$160

Please be ready online 5mins earlier for pre and post-healing sharing.

*Only for clients who have a regular Reiki practice or sessions

Please Note:
• If you would like a mix of physical and distance sessions for a collective fee of 3 sessions, please email me to enquire.

• Once the appointment is made, payment must be made, PRIOR to the Reiki session/sending, via PayPal or bank transfer. 

• All Reiki healings are treated with respect, honesty, and privacy.

• For face-to-face sessions, hospital visits may be arranged with additional transport fees.
• For distance sessions, photographs of you must be emailed/whatsapped to me prior to the session.

• All face-to-face Reiki sessions are Reiki Master treatments.

• Distance Reiki sessions are generally shorter; a 15min distance session is equivalent to an hour-long hands-on Reiki 1 without symbols.
• For those who have not had a Reiki healing session before, a face-to-face session is encouraged.

Preparing for the Reiki Session 

• Please be dressed in comfortable wear; natural fibres are recommended (e.g. cotton, silk, linen)
• You may bring sufficient water for your consumption after the healing otherwise water is also provided at my centre.
• Refrain from wearing crystals and other metal accessories if possible
• An open mind to receive Reiki energies

• For distance Reiki sessions, please ensure your environment is appropriately ideal for you to relax; a cool and quiet room without disturbance for the healing session duration, blankets, lying on a comfortable mattress or your bed. If you prefer, you may turn on relaxing light music or diffuse some essential oils.

After the Reiki Session 

• Please drink lots of water to support your 'detox' process.

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